Turning the big three-o!

When I was a little girl I remember thinking that thirty was sooo old. My
parents were in their thirties and their friends and that meant thirty was old.
Well, for some reason that stuck with me and even though I know plenty of people
over the age of thirty and don’t consider them old, for me to be thirty means
I’m old.  Unfortunately, my time has come and in less than a
month…dunt..dunt..duh…I’ll be old.  On one hand I think..damn …where does
the time go? There are soo many things I wanted to accomplished and have done by
now and haven’t. Then I start to want to get all depressed about my up coming
birthday and be the stereotypical women getting older.  Then I stop myself and
really think about where I am in life and what I really have…I live in a
beautiful city on the water in a freakin boat, I have a wonderful boyfriend who
treats me right (unlike my ex-husband, whom I managed to get rid of), and I
don’t have to work a grueling job to be able to pay my bills and live well. I’m
younger than most and I’m still in good health….soo..what am I worried about?
Nothing…my life is good!