How to know if your relationship will last/How to know how well you get along?

Step 1: Buy a boat

Step 2: Get rid of your house and most of your

Step 3: Move on to the boat

Step 4: Wait and

Living on a
boat with your significant other is a whole new experience than living in a
house or an apartment together.  This very experience has made me realize how
very little my boyfriend Cory and I ever truly fight. Sure we fight sometimes,
but it’s usually petty stupid little arguments that don’t last long and blow
over quickly. You will definitely know the moment you move onto a boat with well you really stand one There are no extra rooms to
move to, to get away from one another. You are right there tripping over one
another, in each others face and you better learn how to work things out.  I
used to live in a house with lots of room and my ex-husband and I still couldn’t
get far enough away  from one another, but it didn’t matter where we were..we
just didn’t get along. That is why I am amazed that we are able to get along so
well even in such an unconventional living space. It makes me realize I am truly
blessed to have found someone soo great and soo well suited to me. I love you,

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