Drowning in Canvas

A couple months ago Cory figured out that I could really sew, not just hems and
little things.  So we borrowed a friends regular sewing machine and I made a new
custom comforter and matching pillow cover for the V-berth.

Then since he was pleased with that we decided to make new custom sheets for our bed.  Well, once that was done Cory figured out that if we got a hold of a Sailrite sewing machine and some canvas, I could do some canvas projects and save us a lot of money.  That was when it all started…now I have sewn…a propane tank cover, a grill cover, a lifeline
cover, a splash guard, mesh sunshades for the sides of the cockpit, a cowl cover
for the outboard motor, and a full cover for the outboard motor.

Yes…you guessed it …there are more projects coming. Everyday there is something else
Cory wants to cover with canvas. I have already done another grill cover for our
friends Troy and Deana,who graciously Lent us their Sailrite machine, and my services have been
offered, through Cory..lol, to other friends as well. Pretty soon you won’t be able to see any fiberglass anymore it
will all be canvas….lol!

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