4th of July

We were planning on anchoring out on the boat for the 4th of July weekend, but the
hurricane forced bands of rain our way that killed our plans.  Then it ended up
being clear and sunny from Saturday afternoon on…so we could have gone out
like we planned. We ended up having a bunch of friends over Sat and Sun to
hangout and cook, and have fun by the pool. We had a blast and we did get to
take the boat out into Clear Lake to anchor and let all our friends see the
fireworks…..it turned out to be a great weekend dispite the change in plans.

2010 Guadalupe River Trip

We took our annual trip to camp and float down the Guadalupe river this past
weekend. The Guadalupe River area had just had some flooding before we came up for our trip and you could definitely see the effects as you drove down River
Road. There were signs of flooding high in the trees along River Road, side rails falling over or completely missing, and tuber transport buses that they had obviously fished
out of the river; crushed and completely totalled.  Everything was calmed  down,
cleaned up and open for business.  We were actually surprised to feel how much
cooler and less humid it was there this year and barely any mosquitoes. We
brought an air conditioner for our tent, which we really didn’t need (it was kinda over kill, and freezing with it going in the early morning).  We got to our site early evening on
Thursday, set up and relaxed. We got to catch up and see some friends we had
made last year from different parts of Texas.  We went tubing down the Comel River (a man-made river with several chutes) on Friday with some friends and Cory got caught in this one small dam that he warned everyone else about and toppled the cooler tube, almost lost all our drinks. We had lots off fun and some other friends of ours from the Houston
area came down that night and stayed with us.  Then Saturday we floated the
Guadalupe from our site with a whole big group of friends…we had a blast! The
whole trip was lots of fun, but ended too soon and we were packing up and on our
way back home Sunday morning.  Now we are back to planning and looking forward
to next years trip!