Double Bayou 7/30/2010

We headed out to Double Bayou with our friends Troy and Deana about 2:30-3pm on
Friday. Troy and Deana almost didn’t make it because they were waiting on a part
for their boat, to fix it before they could leave.  Of course, they ended up
being able to leave with a little help getting the part from Cory.

Captain Cory on the way to
Double Bayou.
Storyville (Troy and Deana’s
boat) and Menestheus docked at Ch. Marker 17
We came in and stayed at a place called Channel Marker 17, at the mouth of the
Bayou. It is a family owned bar/restaurant on Oak Island. The whole bottom part
of the building and most of Oak Island was completely flooded and destroyed
during hurricane Ike.  It was rebuild and looks better than ever now.
Channel Marker 17
Channel Marker 17 after Ike
We docked up right behind the bar where the patio is even got to hook up and have
electricity, which was a major plus with temperatures up close to one hundred
degrees.  We took the dinghies down the bayous and saw some alligators, the
owner of the restaurants daughter, Jamie, came for a ride with us too!  Deana
and Troy had another couple with them on their boat, Robert and Carolyn, so we
got to hang out with them, also!
Deana, Jamie and Carolyn in the
dinghy ahead of us..
We all had a blast hanging out together on the patio drinking Friday night.
Saturday we mostly just hangout at the bar and ate and then the TMCA (Texas
Mariners Cruising Association) boats were coming in and a lot of them were
running  a ground on there way in around the channel, so we decided to go out in
the dinghies and help.  We helped tow a sailboat whose engines had died  and
Deana and Troy helped a motor boat that was trying to help the sailboat. They
were coming in to stay next door at the little unfinished marina. Unfortunately
we were never really properly thanked, but that was our good deed for the day.
We joined the TMCA dinner at the marina a little later and had some dinner and
desert. Then afterward all  the TMCA members came to Channel Marker 17 to drink
and listen to the dj.
We had a great night hanging out and drinking again with friends from our marina
and others we know from TMCA. Then Sun we hungout till about noon and left for
home after lunch. It was a great weekend, with great friends!

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