Baxter 1998-2010

I had a cat named Baxter and he was the best cat I ever had. I got him as a baby
and right away I knew he wasn’t your average cat.  He stayed in my room and
slept in the bed with me every night. He always had to have  a paw or his side
against my skin when he slept. He would cry at my door when I shut him out..he
didn’t want you to be in the room without him. He would come running to me from
any room in the house if I even whispered his name. He cried outside my bathroom
door when I took showers because he couldn’t come in. I took him for rides in
the car with me and he was perfectly content to just sit in my lap while I
drove.  He knew the word “No” and I swear he knew many other words too. If I was
sitting down, he was in my lap. He listened when I was upset and made me feel
better. He was my bestfriend for many years, always there for me when I needed
him. He was the longest relationship I had with a man (so far) other than my
dad…..But unfortunately all living beings get old and someday their time is
up. Unfortunately Baxter’s was today. R.I.P. Baxter you will not be forgotten
and you will always be loved.

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