Labor Day Weekend – Offats

We took off for Offats Friday afternoon around 3:30pm after I got off work.
Troy and Deana left in Storyville right ahead of us and our other friend Steve
and his girlfriend Deb left a couple hours earlier in Anchor Management. We
literally were walking in the parking lot and Troy and Deana were coming around
the corner around the front of the pool and down the channel. We hurried and
hoped on the boat and shoved off and we caught right up with them.

Troy and Deana headed out to
Offats beside us.

We heard there was supposed to be bad storms right around that time so we were hoping to get going before they got bad. It was overcast on and off on the way there, but no storms. We put our sails up for a little while even though the wind wasn’t that great and motor sailed for awhile.

View looking up at the

There was alot of traffic in the ship channel, all kinds of ships coming in and out. I saw lots of dolphins playing around our boat and in the bow wake of the big ships. Unfortunately they are very quick, so I couldn’t capture a picture. Steve called on the radio to see how far along we were and he could not pronounce our boat name and kept saying it wrong. So I
told Cory next time he talked to him on the radio to say his boat name as “Anal
Management”. Everyone heard it on the radio and thought it was hilarious (sorry

A big ship we passed in the ship
AnotherĀ  big ship we passed in
the ship channel

We finally made it to Offats a little before sundown and got anchored and Deana and Troy showed up a little later.We all got settled and said hello, then hung out for a little bit and went to bed.

Anchor Management at
Menestheus at

The next morning was a little bit eventful. TMCA (Texas Mariners Cruising Association) was in the area for the weekend and most of the members are people we know and from our marina. One member was at the docks near us at a restaurant and were having engine problems, so we let them have a spare gallon of antifreeze we had. Then Troy and Deana startedĀ  having problems with their dinghy motor and Cory gave them some of our carb cleaner and new spark plugs we had. Everyone came to their boat and the guys all worked on the carburetor. While we were all gathered on Storyville the guy in the Choy Lee
anchored next to us came over to introduce himself. Turns out he was there last
time we were at Offats, his name was Donny. After the dinghy motor was all fixed
and working we all decided to dinghy around the corner to a sandbar shallow spot
that people hangout at , called “Blue Hole”.

Cory, Deana, Troy, Steve, Deb,
and me behind the camera at “Blue Hole”

On our way back to the boats from “Blue Hole” we went for a ride down the canals beside Moody Gardens. Some people had some huge pet tortoises in their backyard that were
really cool and came up to check us out when we dinghyed by where they

Tortoise looking at

We started cooking Cory’s ribs in the afternoon and everyone gathered on Storyville for dinner. We had a great dinner and after Troy and Donny sang some songs for us with their guitars. Some other friends from TMCA came and hung out with us, too!
Sun we just hung out and relaxed on our boat for most of the day.

Deana ahead of us in front of
Storyville, in her dinghy, when we were screwing around the

Some other friends of ours, Donna and Alan, that are also on our dock at the marina, were anchored out by us too. We hung out and swam off their boat for a while. Then we went with them and some friends that were with them, to the “Blue Hole” to hangout for a bit. Troy and Deana came a little later to hang out too. We then left to go back to the boat to
pick up our friend Mike at 61st street.

Beautiful Schooner we went by on
our way back to get Mike.

Mike came to stay the night and come back to Kemah with us the next day. After we got Mike and everyone cleaned up, us, Mike, and Deana and Troy went to Moody Gardens to have dinner with our TMCA friends. We ate dinner fast then went back to Storyville to all
hangout. We hung out for a while, but not as late as the night before. Mon. morning we got up early, bad weather was coming and everyone was trying to leave before it started. We made it right to about Pelican cut and it started pouring buckets and the wind was howling. Visibility was very low but we made it through ok and into the ship channel. We had rain most of the way back to Kemah. Everyone made it back ok and had a great long weekend.