Harvest Moon 2010

This year we decided to do the Harvest Moon Regatta (a sailboat race from
Galveston to Port Aransas) in our boat. Deana and Troy (s/v Storyville), our
other good F dock friends Alan and Donna (s/v Sunshine), and our friend Mike who
has a boat in another marina.We made a lot of pre-race preps. I made a cover
for the TV in case it got wet, also made a stopper for our cutting board shelf.
Cory added latches to our cockpit lockers. Alan installed a man overboard pole,
as well as jack lines, and other things. I even made special T-shirts for the
whole team.

Cory, Troy, Deana, and Alan in
the background. Headed out to the jetties.

Everyone brought their bags Weds. night before the race and we headed out to the
Galveston jetties about 7:30am Thurs. morning. The ride out to the jetties and
race start was beautiful. It was pretty light winds, calm seas, sunny, and
beautiful. We were at the race start pretty early, so we killed the engine and
watched the other boats show up.

Start of

The start of the race was beautiful, boats everywhere, all with full sails out. We sailed past the start right on time. We headed out away from shore and found the rum line. The wind picked up some and we were cruising pretty good. We tried doing some fishing off the back of the boat. We had a few hits on the line and lost a few lures, but never caught
anything.   The wind steadily increased after the sun went down. Me, Cory,
and Mike had first watch. Donna and Alan stayed up with us for a bit. Donna
started to get sick towards the end of our watch. By the end of our watch the
wind was steadily blowing around 15 knots. Our main sail was reefed once. Deana
and Troy got up for their watch and me, Cory, and Mike went down below to try to
get some sleep.

Sunset Thursday

We really didn’t get very much sleep. People’s bags were falling all over the place. The boat was flexing and making noises we don’t usually hear. Cory and I were in the v-berth and it was taking all my strength to keep myself from rolling over on him because the boat was
healed over so far. I was gripping the cushion so hard I was almost taking it
with me. The wind and waves had obviously picked up more and about every 10
minutes we hit a super wave, much more than 5′ or 6′ and it would send me in the
air, up off the cushion. Around 1:30am Fri. morning Deana came down and woke
us up, Troy wanted to talk to Cory. He said Donna was still sick and not getting
any better. The weather said the wind and waves were only supposed to get worse
the closer we got to Port A. We also still had twenty something hours to go.
Other people were starting to feel sick and no one was having fun. Since we
decided to do this race just for fun and no one was having fun anymore, we
decided to turn around and head in to Freeport.We made it to Bridge Harbor
Marina about 3:30am Fri  morning, tied up and everyone went to sleep. We took
our time getting up and I made everyone breakfast. We each got to take a shower
and once we were all settled we wanted to try to salvage some of our time off
and have a little fun. So we decided to take the ICW and stay at Harbor House in
Galveston on The Strand.We made it to Harbor House in the early evening.

Cory and Troy in front of Harbor

Our friend Ted  and his girlfriend drove down and meet us for dinner. After dinner we went to a bar for a bit and then went back to the boat, drank, and had some fun hanging out.Everyone ended up having a good time, even Donna, who was feeling much better now. We got up at a decent hour on Sat. morning and headed down the ICW to the Ship Channel and home to Kemah.

Old ship wreck outside the ship
channel in Galveston

All and all it turned out to be a great trip and interesting experience.