Thanksgiving Double Bayou 2010

We decided to leave for Double Bayou this year on Wednesday.  Troy and Deana
needed their car down there to use to visit family on Thursday.  I had to work
Wednesday so I drove their car to Channel Marker 17 after work.  Cory, by
himself in our boat, Troy and Deana, and Steve all left  in their boats earlier
in the day.  I get a call from Cory in the afternoon, his voice is all frantic,
and the first thing he says is “Oh my god..I should not be alive right now!”  Of
course this immediately freaks me out and he proceeds to tell me the story.  I
guess the wind was pretty strong and he slowed down just a little too much and
got blown into the shallow side of the channel at Double Bayou and ran aground.
He then decided to get into the dinghy and push the bow to get off….well he
ended up flipping the dinghy head over heals with the motor running full out and
him in the dinghy.  He made it back to the boat and the dinghy was fine, but he
lost the gas can.  Troy and Deana came in their dinghy to help him get unstuck
and he made it into the bayou and tied up just fine.

Dead cow behind our boat that
went floating up and down the bayou all

Since he lost the gas can I had to go by West Marine and buy a new one and fill it with gas to take with me, so we would have a dinghy for the weekend.  Well I managed to spill a bunch of gasoline on my hip when I went to put it into the car.  Of course I had no way
of changing, so I had no choice but to call Cory to bring a change of clothes to
Channel Marker 17 when he picked me up, and drive to Channel Marker as quickly
as possible.  The skin on my hip was burning the whole ride over.  We all made
it to CM at about the same time.  I gave Cory the stuff to get the dinghy motor
running.  I took my clothes, got cleaned up and changed (I have a nice chemical
burn now).  We all had a nice dinner and hung out at CM and then had a great
dinghy ride back to the boat.  There were fish jumping and phosphorescence all
over the water.  Our three boats were the only one’s there at our spot till the
next day.

Storyville at Double
Anchor Management at Double
Menestheus at Double

Thursday everyone else took their cars to go visit with family so it was just me and Cory.  We did some organizing and things on the boat and just hung out.  We also did a little target practice with Cory’s new pellet gun.  The first TMCA boat arrived that afternoon, John and Peggy (M/V Traveling Star)  the coordinators of the TMCA French Picnic.  Evening came and we had our scheduled Thanksgiving dinner with John and Peggy and everyone else was back and joined us to hang out by the fire.  Then the weather started to
come in and it got real cold and windy real quick, we had to put the fire out.
We moved to Storyville for awhile.

Cow skull the kids found when we
came at Halloween.
Cory messing with our

Friday was rainy and cold for most of the day, till afternoon.  Cory and I watched a movie on the boat in the morning and went for a short dinghy ride.  Then after the rain everyone hung out by the fire.  We put tarps up to protect us and the fire from the wind.  Then we all
brought a dish to share for dinner and had a great dinner together.

House on the banks of Double
Cory driving the dinghy…trying
to avoid the camera

Saturday was a gorgeous day not as cold, no rain and sunny.  More TMCA boats started showing up around noon and kept coming throughout the afternoon.  The guys helped the boats get tied up and everyone hung out.  We went on a long dinghy ride pretty far up the bayou to see what there was.  We tried to find the fabled orange grove but the water was too shallow for the dinghy’s down the creek.  Deana went in her kayak later and
still didn’t have much luck finding it.  Then we all got our dishes together for
the French Picnic.  Deana won first place in the desserts for her Sopapilla
Cheesecake and Steve won honorable mention for his Zaya Rum Cake.  We had
another group fire and had a great evening.

Troy and Deana in their dinghy
ahead of us
Line of TMCA boats there for the
French Picnic

We left early Sunday morning for home.  We had a great, fun and relaxing holiday weekend

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