2011..New Year, Better me

Well, here it is 2011 and besides the usually new years resolution everyone picks (eating
healthier, exercising, etc), my real new years resolution is to be more
positive. This sounds like a fairly simple resolution, but really it’s me trying
to change my whole way of thinking. It’s gonna be a challenge, but I know I can
do it. Any of you that know me well, might have noticed that I tend to complain
a lot, and find something negative about everything I do or everywhere I go,
even if it’s where I said I wanted to be. I have a tendency to constantly
analyze and worry about things and expect the worst out of people and
situations. The bad relationship I had with my ex-husband is mostly to blame for
that, but I’m not gonna dwell on that. Time to move forward…..from now on I
will find something positive in everyday and every situation. I may need a
little nudge every now and then to keep me on this path, but I know I can do it.
So to start me off I am going to list a few good things from 2010!

  • Feb 2010 Cory and I had been together for a year
  • March 2010 our friends Deana and Troy (s/v Storyville) and Steve (s/v Anchor
    Management) moved into Portofino and we were able to become even better
  • We were also able to become much better friends with or friends Alan and
    Donna (s/v Sunshine)
  • Through out the spring and summer we went on lots of fun trips in the boat,
    mostly with our F-dock friends mentioned above and we had a blast.
  • We went with our F dock friends in our boat on  the Harvest Moon Regatta and
    had a lot of fun despite the conditions and not finishing, we made it our
    mission to have fun no matter what.
  • I started working in the Marina office part time which I like doing and also
    I was able to start my own business (TRS Canvas Creations), which I love and is
    doing well. I am looking towards moving into my own office if I keep doing
  • Cory has slowly, but surely, been installing all the good things we need and
    want to be able to go cruising…..we’ll be gone before we know it. (I get more
    excited with each item he installs)
  • Storyville and Anchor Management were finally able to live their dreams and
    took off cruising.

I have had a lot of help and encouragement from all my friends and everyone at Portofino, and would not have been able to get my business going without everyone’s support. I am grateful and excited to see what this year brings and WILL have twice as many positives for my post  at the end of this year.

Our new friend since Storyville
and Anchor Management went cruising.

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