So There!!

Well finally…. after being told for years that I was worthless, a quitter,
stupid, would never accomplish anything, and countless other self esteem
boosting comments by my ex-husband, I finally feel like I’m getting back to my
old self.  I haven’t seen that feisty, opinionated, girl who thought she could
do anything if she tried, since I was 16, but I think she’s finally starting to
come back. I actually feel excited about the challenges ahead in my life. I have
a part-time job at Portofino Marina, where we (Me and my wonderful boyfriend
Cory) live. As well as my own custom canvas business that I have started and
it’s gaining more interest and getting busier every week. Now I am starting to
get into freelance writing as well.  Before, the thought of having possibly
three jobs would have given me a heart attack, never in my wildest dreams would
I agree to work that much. Not the case now, I love the work I’m doing and the
busier I get the happier it makes me. I feel a great sense of pride, being able
to say those words. And to “you know who”….I proved you wrong… there!!

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