Spring is in the Air

I sit here in Kemah, reading my friends blogs that have left and are living
their cruising dream, and I think to myself…grrrr…why isn’ t that us? Why
haven’t we left yet? When I first started dating Cory he told me about his plans
to go cruising and said he was expecting to leave in about a year….well that
was about two years ago. Now he says, in about another year or two. Damn it!!
Are we ever gonna leave! Well..it really isn’t Cory’s fault, there are just so
many things to think about, and to do, once you really get down to starting to
prepare to leave. We have tackled countless projects to get us closer to
leaving, but unfortunately there are still countless more. Seams  like the
minute you finish your list of must haves or to dos, then you come up with just
one more thing. So as the warmer weather starts, we continue to think about the
next big project that gets us closer to cruising. Looks like it’s probably going
to be dinghy davits.
The warmer weather makes me happy because at least we
can have some more local adventure’s in the sun as we prepare for our biggest
adventure. We miss our friends terribly and wish we could have shared in the
adventure with them….this spring and summer won’t be the same without them.
There are lots of fun things on our calendar this year though, so we will make
the best of all that Galveston Bay has to offer.  All the while, further
preparing the boat, for that big dream. My goal this season is to keep up with
pics and blog post everywhere we go, and every upgrade we make, so everyone can
share in the fun.

“The days pass happily with me wherever my ship
–  Joshua Slocum

Varnish, varnish, and more varnish!

I just finished re-varnishing our cabin sole and what a job that was. I have a
new respect for people who do it for a living now. I never realized what an art
form it is. It is extremely vital that you have the right tools and varnish for
the job to come out well and not take twenty coats.  I ended up going through
two whole cans of varnish, by the time I figured out the right stuff I needed
and I can’t remember the number of coats. Now I know what to use and next time I
need to do any varnishing I know what to do. Here is what I

Supplies you need:
Deft brand varnish (in desired
finish..satin, semi-gloss,etc)
-This stuff lays really well and doesn’t have
to be diluted.
Plastic cup to pour varnish in
Filter to pour varnish
through (usually given to you when you check out)
Stir sticks (usually given
to you when you check out)
400grit sand paper
Tack cloth

What to do:
-First use sand paper to sand the piece well, but
don’t sand too hard.
-Then use tack cloth to get all dust off, changing to
clean side as you need to
-Now open the can of varnish and stir with stir
stick slowly as to not create bubbles and pour small amount (enough to do
section your working on) through filter in to plastic cup
-Start applying
varnish with foam brush, being careful to smooth out all bubbles as you go,
before it starts drying.
-Lightly sand and tack between each coat.
applying coats until you reach the desired finish.
-If you do it correctly
and your floors aren’t in too bad shape, it should only take about three

Maybe this will help everyone have an easier time than I did.