Update/ Easter Weekend-Moody Gardens

We have several projects that have just about finished and are
getting us much closer to our goal of cruising. We have a new windshield, as
well as a new beautiful table top with compass rose inlay, that should be
finished and installed any day now. We have dinghy davits installed and should
be all reinforced and ready to go this weekend. Solar panels are ordered and on
their way. All new LED lights put in the interior to save battery and power
usage. The dream of cruising is starting to get more and more visible. (Pics to

Easter Weekend
This past weekend we decided to get a  slip and stay at Moody Gardens docks with our TMCA friends for the weekend. We left about 11:30am on Friday to head out, the winds were pretty bad about 15 to 25 knots and on our nose almost the whole way there. We were fighting the waves and current the whole way there so it took us much longer than normal. We managed to get there about 4:30pm and docked up in the slip next to our friends Fern and Roz (S/V Alter Ego). We got to hang out for just a bit than we had to get ready
to go. TMCA had set up for a shuttle from Moody Gardens to the strand in
Galveston so everyone could eat at the Strand. I got to use the Moody hotel
facilities to get ready, which was nice for a change. We took the shuttle when I
got back and ate dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf, with Fern and Roz. We had a
wonderful table with a view of the Elissa, a tall ship that is docked behind the

Cory and I in front of the

Dinner was great, we had a lot of food, and went back to relax and hangout on the docks. Saturday morning there was a breakfast potluck with tons of food. We had Bloody Mary’s and sat and chat, then everyone went back to there boats to relax for a bit and get ready to go to the pool. The Pool at Moody Gardens is really nice has a bridge that goes over
it, little fountains, waterfalls and a swim up bar. We had some drinks and hung
out at the pool, then ordered lunch which they brought right to our seats for us.
After we had enough sun we went back to the boat to do our own thing for
awhile and relax. We took a little nap then, I got some appetizers ready for our
dinner potluck. We had appetizers and drinks and we got to take a tour of a
beautiful huge motor boat that was gorgeous. Then we had dinner, drank, and hung
out as usual for the rest of the night.Sun morning we got up pretty early
and had breakfast and went to help people get out of their slips to leave, the
wind was still crazy. After helping out several people, it was our turn and we
took off on our way home. We were surfing the waves the whole way home, with the
wind right behind us. We made it back to our home slip in record time. It was a
really fun and relaxing weekend!

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