Memorial Weekend-Moody Gardens

I know I am way past due on this one. I have had a hard time getting my butt in
gear to write this post and now it is almost too late. I really don’t remember
much of the details of this weekend.
We went down to Moody Gardens with TMCA and stayed at the docks. Some good friends of ours Fern and Roz (S/V Alter Ego) got married right there on the landing by the docks, it was a lovely ceremony.
We had a very fun weekend just hanging out with friends as usual. Some other
good friends on our dock Phil and Rhonda (S/V Slowride) brought there little ski
boat and we had a blast riding around in that and Cory had fun getting pulled on
the tube (which I have some priceless photos of, that are to follow). The only
bummer was that after we took off to go home our engine wasn’t pumping, so we
had to call Tow Boat US to give us a tow all the way back home. Since we are
members it didn’t cost us, but it was still a bummer. Turns out whatever was
blocking the flow of water was dislodged by the time we got home from the tow.
So I guess that was good news that we didn’t have some major problem. Alls well,
that ends well and as always we had a great weekend.