PHYC 2nd Annual Cardboard Boat Race- August 7th, 2011-VIDEOS

The PHYC (Portofino Harbour Yacht Club) had it’s second annual cardboard boat
race on August 7th, 2011. Cory’s daughter Abby actually got to participate this
year and she ended up winning the race for her category. Here is a short video
of her winning lap.

There was also a muti-man crew of two adults that made a boat and one of the
adults made an additional boat to race in alone. There was then a final lap with
all three boats in the water against each other. Here is the footage for the
rest of the runs.

Once the official race was over some of the members of the yacht club decided to
do a little dinghy paddle race.

It was very hot, but we had a super fun weekend!