Halloween-Double Bayou 10/29/2011

We were originally supposed to leave Friday afternoon, but after that cold front came through Thursday night there was barely any water and it would have been hard to get into Double Bayou. We decided we would leave early Saturday morning as long as the water had come up.

Cory got up and checked the status of the water early and everything was ok, so we were on our way. We headed on our way with a bunch of our fellow TMCA’ers from Portofino ┬ácoming shortly behind us. The weather was beautiful and just enough wind for us to put out the head sail and do a little motor sailing.

Captain Cory

Cory's daughter Abby

Ship coming through the Ship Channel

Sail up

This was Bo’s first time out and about in the boat and needless to say he was a bit freaked out. He will have to get used to it since he’ll be going cruising with us eventually.

Bo peaking

Bo freaked out in the bathroom

We made it through the channel at Double Bayou and down the Bayou to tie up without any issues. Everyone slowly came in behind us and we ended up with a really good group there.

All the boats tied up down the Bayou

Everyone settled in and then the cruise leaders, Rhonda and Phil (s/v Slowride) began to decorate for the shared dinner and contest that would be later.

The prize table for the costume contest

Old bones we found last year and decorations

More decorations

Even more decorations

The mosquitos were awful so we were very glad that Phil and Cory had brought mosquito foggers and kept fogging periodically while we were there.

The evening came and we all got together to have some drinks before dinner. Then it was time for everyone to get there dishes for dinner and get into their costumes. Rhonda appointed me, Cory, and Abby as the costume judges, and Abby had a lot of fun announcing all the winners and giving them their prizes.

Rhonda and Phil - Devil and Pirate

TMCA'ers in costume

John and Peggy - 1st Prize Winners Popeye and Olive Oil

Everyone had a fun night, hanging out, drinking and being silly. In the morning we were up for another shared meal, breakfast, and it was delicious. We hung out for a few hours after, then headed out back to Kemah. The bay was beautiful, but no wind so we had to motor the whole way. The weekend was a lot of fun ,but way too short.

John and Peggy's cute Tug

Slowride coming out the channel behind us

Boats trying to sail in the bay, but not getting very far