Boat Parade 12/10/2011

This years boat parade was extra special because our good friends Troy and Deana (S/V Storyville) who have been gone cruising were in town and staying at Portofino to party with us. Also, our good friends Steve and Deb were here too.

We started the morning with the Portofino Harbour Yacht Club meeting and nomination of new officers for 2012. Cory is the Commodore and I am the secretary again this year. After the meeting we just waited for our friends to arrive. Once everyone got to the marina we hangout and caught up telling our various stories until it was time to go to the party.

We went up to the clubhouse and Troy and Deana got to see a lot of TMCA people that they haven’t seen in a long time and others that they had not met, but have been following their blog. They kinda felt like celebrities.

We all watched the parade of lighted boats go by and went back up to the clubhouse to sit in the couches and continue chatting and catching up. Steve and Deb stayed the night on our boat and Deana and Troy stayed on our friends Alan and Donna’s boat (S/V Sunshine), who were not down for the weekend. In the morning we all went to ┬áLas Brisas for Buffet breakfast and our friends Rhonda and Phil (S/V Slowride) came with us, too. After breakfast we all went our separate ways. Deana and Troy went back to the other side of town to see family and Steve and Deb went back to Austin. We really enjoyed seeing everyone and are planning on all getting together again to have a big get together blowout for New Years Eve. That post will be soon to come.

Thanksgiving Bummer

Well this Thanksgiving as with every year we had planned to go on the TMCA French Picnic cruise to Double Bayou. It is one of our most favorite cruises of the year. Unfortunately, this year it was cancelled right before we were about to leave the dock due to a norther that was supposed to come through. Cory and I were on our own, just the two of us for Thanksgiving. We actually ended up getting alot of things done on the boat in those few days, you know, all the little things like putting water in your batteries, that you never take the time to do. I pulled together a small Thanksgiving dinner in the clubhouse while we watched the Cowboys play ball.

Then we hungout with some new friends of ours Katie and Dean Calkins (s/v Our Way Too) and had desserts and watched The Pirates of the Caribbean. We ended up having a nice low key and fun Thanksgiving.

The actual French Picnic was still scheduled to go on at a members house in the area, so we went to that on Saturday. I made the same winning dish that I made the year before last and won again, second place this year. French Onion Tartlets..yum, yum! They actually had a dessert category this year and Cory said if I had brought my Cake Balls too, I would have won that also. We had a lot of fun and a very relaxing weekend, but we really missed being at Double Bayou and are looking forward to next year.

TMCA Chili Cruise

This posting is coming a little late since this event was November 11, 2011, but better late than never I guess. There really isn’t too much to say about this cruise. We went to double bayou and stayed at the marina there. We did see a pod of dolphins come right up to the boat on the way there and I actually was able to get a decent picture.


We got there and hung out and drank as usual and Saturday there was a Chili cookoff, which was lots of fun. I didn’t win, but I like my chili no matter what and there were lots of other delicious chili’s to try. We had a fun and pretty relaxing weekend.