Boat Parade 12/10/2011

This years boat parade was extra special because our good friends Troy and Deana (S/V Storyville) who have been gone cruising were in town and staying at Portofino to party with us. Also, our good friends Steve and Deb were here too.

We started the morning with the Portofino Harbour Yacht Club meeting and nomination of new officers for 2012. Cory is the Commodore and I am the secretary again this year. After the meeting we just waited for our friends to arrive. Once everyone got to the marina we hangout and caught up telling our various stories until it was time to go to the party.

We went up to the clubhouse and Troy and Deana got to see a lot of TMCA people that they haven’t seen in a long time and others that they had not met, but have been following their blog. They kinda felt like celebrities.

We all watched the parade of lighted boats go by and went back up to the clubhouse to sit in the couches and continue chatting and catching up. Steve and Deb stayed the night on our boat and Deana and Troy stayed on our friends Alan and Donna’s boat (S/V Sunshine), who were not down for the weekend. In the morning we all went to  Las Brisas for Buffet breakfast and our friends Rhonda and Phil (S/V Slowride) came with us, too. After breakfast we all went our separate ways. Deana and Troy went back to the other side of town to see family and Steve and Deb went back to Austin. We really enjoyed seeing everyone and are planning on all getting together again to have a big get together blowout for New Years Eve. That post will be soon to come.

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