Bosun – The Boat Cat

Our New Baby  8/22/2011

After my old cat  Baxter died Cory said we were not going to get another cat. He said having a cat was too much of a pain and that we would definitely have to have companionway doors before we could have another cat. Well months and months went by and we saw some companionway doors that we liked and decided that soon we were going to get some. Then I told Cory if we were going to have doors than we could have a cat. Cory acted like he still didn’t want one, but actually he was looking at kittens in different shelters during the day while he was working. Then last Saturday we went to a couple shelters and the last shelter we went to we saw Bo (Bosun) he was adorable and laid back and loving and I had to have him, so we took him home.


He didn’t hide like most kittens do for the first few days, he just wandered around checking everything out and rubbing and purring on us like he was so happy to finally have a forever home.

Bo's new home

He is super loving and always wants to be with you. If he is left alone all day he cries and cries at you when you get home till you sit down so he can rub all over you and he can be pet. We couldn’t have picked out a better kitten.

Bo’s First Trip- Halloween Double Bayou 10/29/2011

Since we got Bo we have not been out in the boat so our Halloween trip was his very first time out in the boat. He wasn’t too phased by the noise of the engine being on, but once we started moving he ran around looking for places to hide till he found a place to settle.

Bo laying in the v-berth peaking out

Once we got to Double Bayou and the boat was tied up he was fine and acting the same way he does everyday, except he was a slight bit jumpy. then of course we couldn’t stay tied up forever so we headed back home and Bo was freaked out again. He was running around trying to find hiding places. Cory went to go take a shower on our way back and found him hiding in the bathroom.

Bo hiding in the bathroom

All and all he wasn’t too freaked out, not as much as we thought he might be. I think when we get back into the spring and summer boating season and we are out more often, he will get used to it. He will have to get used to it, because he is going cruising with us when we go.

Bo’s second and third trip- Chili Cruise and Fish Dry  3/17/2012

Bo is still not used to being a boat cat…it’s ok if he is on the boat in the slip, but the minute that engine starts and the boat starts moving he hides. He definitely is  a happy kitty and has a very unique personality. I’m sure he will eventually get used to the boat traveling and be as happy cruising as he is when we are in the slip.

Bo being silly on the stairs

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