Halloween-Double Bayou 10/29/2011

We were originally supposed to leave Friday afternoon, but after that cold front came through Thursday night there was barely any water and it would have been hard to get into Double Bayou. We decided we would leave early Saturday morning as long as the water had come up.

Cory got up and checked the status of the water early and everything was ok, so we were on our way. We headed on our way with a bunch of our fellow TMCA’ers from Portofino  coming shortly behind us. The weather was beautiful and just enough wind for us to put out the head sail and do a little motor sailing.

Captain Cory

Cory's daughter Abby

Ship coming through the Ship Channel

Sail up

This was Bo’s first time out and about in the boat and needless to say he was a bit freaked out. He will have to get used to it since he’ll be going cruising with us eventually.

Bo peaking

Bo freaked out in the bathroom

We made it through the channel at Double Bayou and down the Bayou to tie up without any issues. Everyone slowly came in behind us and we ended up with a really good group there.

All the boats tied up down the Bayou

Everyone settled in and then the cruise leaders, Rhonda and Phil (s/v Slowride) began to decorate for the shared dinner and contest that would be later.

The prize table for the costume contest

Old bones we found last year and decorations

More decorations

Even more decorations

The mosquitos were awful so we were very glad that Phil and Cory had brought mosquito foggers and kept fogging periodically while we were there.

The evening came and we all got together to have some drinks before dinner. Then it was time for everyone to get there dishes for dinner and get into their costumes. Rhonda appointed me, Cory, and Abby as the costume judges, and Abby had a lot of fun announcing all the winners and giving them their prizes.

Rhonda and Phil - Devil and Pirate

TMCA'ers in costume

John and Peggy - 1st Prize Winners Popeye and Olive Oil

Everyone had a fun night, hanging out, drinking and being silly. In the morning we were up for another shared meal, breakfast, and it was delicious. We hung out for a few hours after, then headed out back to Kemah. The bay was beautiful, but no wind so we had to motor the whole way. The weekend was a lot of fun ,but way too short.

John and Peggy's cute Tug

Slowride coming out the channel behind us

Boats trying to sail in the bay, but not getting very far




PHYC 2nd Annual Cardboard Boat Race- August 7th, 2011-VIDEOS

The PHYC (Portofino Harbour Yacht Club) had it’s second annual cardboard boat
race on August 7th, 2011. Cory’s daughter Abby actually got to participate this
year and she ended up winning the race for her category. Here is a short video
of her winning lap.

There was also a muti-man crew of two adults that made a boat and one of the
adults made an additional boat to race in alone. There was then a final lap with
all three boats in the water against each other. Here is the footage for the
rest of the runs.

Once the official race was over some of the members of the yacht club decided to
do a little dinghy paddle race.

It was very hot, but we had a super fun weekend!

Memorial Weekend-Moody Gardens

I know I am way past due on this one. I have had a hard time getting my butt in
gear to write this post and now it is almost too late. I really don’t remember
much of the details of this weekend.
We went down to Moody Gardens with TMCA and stayed at the docks. Some good friends of ours Fern and Roz (S/V Alter Ego) got married right there on the landing by the docks, it was a lovely ceremony.
We had a very fun weekend just hanging out with friends as usual. Some other
good friends on our dock Phil and Rhonda (S/V Slowride) brought there little ski
boat and we had a blast riding around in that and Cory had fun getting pulled on
the tube (which I have some priceless photos of, that are to follow). The only
bummer was that after we took off to go home our engine wasn’t pumping, so we
had to call Tow Boat US to give us a tow all the way back home. Since we are
members it didn’t cost us, but it was still a bummer. Turns out whatever was
blocking the flow of water was dislodged by the time we got home from the tow.
So I guess that was good news that we didn’t have some major problem. Alls well,
that ends well and as always we had a great weekend.

TMCA-Freeport, Tx Spring Fling

We left the marina around 11:00am on Thursday, May 12th. Our friends and dock
mates Donna and Alan (s/v Sunshine) came to crew with us. We had decided to go
to Galveston for the night and then down the rest of the way to Freeport.  We
really weren’t able to do any sailing so we just motored and hung out and talked
down to Galveston Yacht Basin, where we had a slip for the night. We got into
GYB and was put in a slip next to a derelict boat some guy was working on that
had a spreader broken off and hanging by some rigging swinging in the breeze. We
were able to hangout and relax just a little bit till we were forced down below
for a storm blowing through. It was supper windy and rainy for a bit, but not
too long. Thank god, because we could not stand hearing that spreader banging
against our neighbors mast for much longer.
Once everything stopped, we started to cook dinner. Cory had bought some really great fillets at the meat market and we put them on the grill with some fresh green beans and potatoes. It was a delicious dinner. We hung out for a while after dinner, but not too late because we were getting up early to go offshore the rest of the way to Freeport.
We woke up and were out of the slip at 7:30 am on Friday and on our
way to Freeport. The sailing offshore was beautiful, but the ride was a little
ruff. Nothing like Harvest Moon, though. I was a bit nauseous and so was Donna
so we both wore these shock watches they had for sea sickness. The watches
helped, but nobody could really go down below for any length of time without
feeling really sick. It made for a long trip plus the fact that we had to go far
offshore. We tried to do some fishing off the back of the boat, but all we were
catching was seaweed.  By the time we made it into the City of Freeport Marina
it was Probably about 6pm.

Coming in to City of Freeport
Ready to dock at
We got docked up
and cleaned up as fast as possible so we could go eat dinner. We had purchased
wrist bands to have the dinner there that night and we didn’t want to miss out.
Dinner was very good and we were so hungry it wouldn’t have matter if it wasn’t.

The whole marina was filled with boats for this TMCA event. There were
broker boats to look at on the docks and Marine Max boats in the parking lot.
There was a big stage set up with various bands playing at different times.
There was a big building with tables for vendors set up, it was just about
closing though and we didn’t get to see them that night. We went into the
building just as it was about to close to get some ice and the lady we were
supposed to get it from wasn’t there. Bob Bitchen from Latitudes and Attitudes
magazine walked by and asked who we were looking for and helped us get someone
to get us ice. The rest of the night we just walked around and kinda hung out in
our cockpit, we were all really tired. Long Day!
Saturday we all woke up and had a nice breakfast on the boat. We got cleaned up and headed out to check things out. I had paid for an ad in the program and I made a bunch of TRS Canvas Creation t-shirts, so we were all wearing my matching company t-shirts. We
wondered around and went in the building to check out what vendors were there
and what they had to sell. Cory bought some Peek-a-boo shades for our hatches
and bought a dinghy ladder from the Lats & Atts store. Cory also bought me a
t-shirt and I bought myself a beautiful bracelet (an early birthday present to
myself). He also bought some weird rubbery tape called Rescue tape…kinda cool
and useful on the boat. We also had our picture taken with Bob Bitchin.

Cory, Me, and Bob

Our friends Rick and Steph (m/v Phat Bottom Girl) were also there and they hung out with us on and off all day. We all went to the Lions Club Trailer to grab a burger or hotdog for lunch and some amazing cake the little old lady had made. The Coast guard did an in water resque demonstration in there helicopter right off the end of our dock. They then
landed back on the parking lot and opened everything up so everyone could climb in the helicopter and check things out. It was pretty cool to see soo up close.

Coast Guard
Coast Guard
Coast Guard
Parked after
Opened for people to check

That evening we decided to go out to eat and we had the trolley service take us over to On The River Restaurant (like the only real restaurant in Freeport).  Just about everyone’s food was awful and I was very disappointed. I had to use the restroom right before the trolley was supposed to come and when I came back outside everyone was gone, but i didn’t fall for it….they were hiding behind the building around the corner.
We got back to the marina and the Lats & Atts people were doing the raffle for
the prizes and calling out the winners. We didn’t buy any tickets so we weren’t
really interested in that, but then the party began. The main band was playing
and everyone was sitting, listening and hanging out or dancing.
We didn’t stay up too late because we had to leave early in the morning to head back
home.We woke up early and headed out back home down the ICW to the ship
channel. It was a pretty uneventful ride back other than the fact that there was
a continuous line of boats headed back towards Kemah and various other

Old abandoned cruise ship alone
the ICW
House boat on land alone the

It was a great weekend and a great TMCA event. We are looking forward to next year which promises to be bigger and even better.


Well unfortunately the davits we had did not workout the way we wanted, so
everything had to come down. No davits…no solar panels :(! The back of our
boat really wasn’t made to have davits, or at least not the way we want them. We
have not completely given up though, we still have the option of going completely custom if we can get some done within our budjet. We did get our new table top installed and it is gorgeous, came out exactly how we wanted. See Pics below!

Update/ Easter Weekend-Moody Gardens

We have several projects that have just about finished and are
getting us much closer to our goal of cruising. We have a new windshield, as
well as a new beautiful table top with compass rose inlay, that should be
finished and installed any day now. We have dinghy davits installed and should
be all reinforced and ready to go this weekend. Solar panels are ordered and on
their way. All new LED lights put in the interior to save battery and power
usage. The dream of cruising is starting to get more and more visible. (Pics to

Easter Weekend
This past weekend we decided to get a  slip and stay at Moody Gardens docks with our TMCA friends for the weekend. We left about 11:30am on Friday to head out, the winds were pretty bad about 15 to 25 knots and on our nose almost the whole way there. We were fighting the waves and current the whole way there so it took us much longer than normal. We managed to get there about 4:30pm and docked up in the slip next to our friends Fern and Roz (S/V Alter Ego). We got to hang out for just a bit than we had to get ready
to go. TMCA had set up for a shuttle from Moody Gardens to the strand in
Galveston so everyone could eat at the Strand. I got to use the Moody hotel
facilities to get ready, which was nice for a change. We took the shuttle when I
got back and ate dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf, with Fern and Roz. We had a
wonderful table with a view of the Elissa, a tall ship that is docked behind the

Cory and I in front of the

Dinner was great, we had a lot of food, and went back to relax and hangout on the docks. Saturday morning there was a breakfast potluck with tons of food. We had Bloody Mary’s and sat and chat, then everyone went back to there boats to relax for a bit and get ready to go to the pool. The Pool at Moody Gardens is really nice has a bridge that goes over
it, little fountains, waterfalls and a swim up bar. We had some drinks and hung
out at the pool, then ordered lunch which they brought right to our seats for us.
After we had enough sun we went back to the boat to do our own thing for
awhile and relax. We took a little nap then, I got some appetizers ready for our
dinner potluck. We had appetizers and drinks and we got to take a tour of a
beautiful huge motor boat that was gorgeous. Then we had dinner, drank, and hung
out as usual for the rest of the night.Sun morning we got up pretty early
and had breakfast and went to help people get out of their slips to leave, the
wind was still crazy. After helping out several people, it was our turn and we
took off on our way home. We were surfing the waves the whole way home, with the
wind right behind us. We made it back to our home slip in record time. It was a
really fun and relaxing weekend!

1st Trip-2011 Spring Season

Well we finally got the boat out of the slip, after a long rest. We took our
first trip of Spring 2011. Wasn’t really a “trip”, we just went and anchored out
at Baycliff, but we still had some fun. We took off with our friends Rick and
Steph (m/v Phat Bottom Girl), fellow Portofino residents. Left about 4:30
Saturday evening and got over pretty quick. There were boats all over the bay
enjoying the nice spring weather.

Phat Bottom Girl behind us in
the Kemah Channel

Once we anchored we screwed around in the dinghy and went over to chat with Rick and Steph a bit. We all decided to get together and grill on our boat at 7. Cory and I went back to Menestheus and hung out, and I got some stuff ready for dinner. They came over at 7 and Steph’s son Nathan immediately went down in the salon to watch TV, while the grown ups sat and talked in the cockpit. I probably should have checked the propane for
the grill, because it went out in the middle of cooking. The meal took longer
than I expected to cook, but turned out great anyway. According to Cory I nailed
the potatoes. We sat and chat for a while after dinner, then Rick, Steph, and
Nathan went back to their boat for the night.

Captain Cory at the

The winds picked up a lot over night and the boat was being very noisy, that kept me awake all night. Something we decided to check into when we got home. We got up pretty early in the morning, Cory vacuumed out the anchor locker and cleaned up the seals on some portals. I had breakfast, and Rick and Steph had decided to head back home, so we did too. It was a fun little over night stay and great to finally get the boat out of the